Despite their demands on your time and potential distractions from work, hobbies serve vital functions which make them worth keeping. They are a great way to keep yourself healthy both physically and mentally.

Society tends to push you to do things you don’t want and neglect your own needs. Start a new hobby or take more time for yourself so that you can have a fulfilled life.

1.    Hobbies are great for lowering stress levels and recharging your batteries

The knowledge in the medical community isn’t something new it’s well known that stress is destructive. It’s just as important to have time to focus on the things you enjoy doing, as it is time to work.

·     When you’re feeling frustrated or anxious, it pays off to spend time on your hobbies. They are a great way to make yourself feel better!

·     When you spend time in the moment doing your favourite activities, you gain a sense of relief and strength.

2.     Hobbies let you explore your creative side

Do you take time out of your busy schedule to allow yourself to experiment with a new hobby? Hobbies can help liberate your creativity, giving you the opportunity and reason to make something new.

3.     Planning a little time for your favourite hobby demonstrates that you’re a priority

You deserve to feel good and doing something you enjoy is an excellent way to improve your mental health!

4.     Hobbies can bring balance to your life with social activities

Hobbies are a great way to relieve stress, explore who you are, and take the time for yourself. Include social activities in your routine so that you have opportunities to connect with others.

5.     Your pastimes bring happiness to your life and make you feel good

They give you time to do something enjoyable when it suits your lifestyle or your mood! It is important not to neglect your hobbies because they give you a sense of purpose, accomplishment and enjoyment.

6.     Express yourself through your hobby

One of the big advantages to having a hobby is that it can allow you to express your true self and have control over your choices, this may not always be possible in other areas of your life, such as your career.

·      If you enjoy painting, you can choose your subject, colours and style. If you enjoy knitting you decide on the colours, how thick or thin the wool is and which pattern you’ll use.

·      Hobbies give you the chance to take a break from daily life, and they’re helpful because they can stop you from feeling powerless.

7.    A hobby helps to shape your routines

Pastimes provide a structure and ritual to your routine. From the moment you get home from work, grab the opportunity to give a hobby a try. Get a drink, find a sketchpad and start drawing something simple like a tree outside or the house across the street.

·      Rituals are a nice way to find comfort and enjoyment and hobbies are a super way to spend some time by oneself.

8.     A lot of hobbies can be done alone or with friends

Hobbies are versatile, you can do them by yourself or with friends. Have a go at both ways to see which you prefer. Why not get involved in social settings where people are pursuing that hobby and see what else it brings to the hobby?

How to Find a Special Hobby of Your Own:

Think of activities that you might enjoy and try them out. If you’re trying to figure out what type of pursuit to add to your life, consider these suggestions:

·     There are a lot of different kinds of hobbies to try out. Have an open mind to new ones you’ve heard about.

·      Look at what’s happening near you, check out the local newspaper or your favourite radio station. You might hear something interesting such as the opening of a new boating club, or if you’re into reading, find out if there are any book clubs in your community.

·      Don’t worry about committing to one club. Come back for a second visit, if you don’t enjoy it and you can look for other pastimes if need be.

·      Pay attention to the hobbies of your friends and neighbours. Ask to watch them or even join in with their morning, afternoon or evening plans. You’ll get a feel for whether it’s worth doing yourself.

Hobbies are important for many reasons, such as de-stressing, letting your creativity go wild, bringing balance and allowing you to express yourself. Life is so busy, but if you’ve been feeling a bit stressed lately it may be time to get back into your old hobby or start a new one.

If you don’t have a hobby or activity you enjoy doing, just try these tips to find one. With enough hard work, your life will become much more fulfilling in no time at all!