The Benefits of Playing Cards and My Favourite Card Game

I love a good old fashioned game of cards with my family and it always brings back happy memories of when I used to play with my brothers when I was younger. Playing cards is fun and there are so many different games to play. I love that everyone in the family can join in with the games and they all enjoy it as much as each other. Playing cards makes excellent family bonding time and it is a great alternative to screen time.

My favourite card game is solitaire. It is a game of fun for one, for young and old alike and whilst you play alone I often compete against my other half to see who can beat whose score or time. My eldest girl who is 7, has just taken an interest and has started having a go playing solitaire too.

There are many versions of this classic game. If I had to pick a favourite, I think I would pick Spider Solitaire. Most versions are based upon manoeuvring the shuffled cards and stacking them from King to Ace on the table to collect a full suit in order. When you have a full suit it can be moved to the right and it will clear from the main playing area. The beauty of the game is in its simplicity, you are competing to clear the board in as few moves as possible and score points.

It’s a lot of fun and the real question is why wouldn’t you want to play? I enjoy it because you get a sense of achievement from the win and it whisks me away from the stresses of the day. Sorting the cards appeals to the organiser in me too!

History & Origins of the Game from the 18th Century to Today’s Digital Version

Solitaire is also known as Patience. It originated in the late 1700s and it is still popular today. Queen Victoria’s husband Albert was known to enjoy the game. It is a card game that started out being played upon tables but thanks to modern technology can now be played anywhere and everywhere through desktops, tablets and phones.

How Playing Solitaires Exercises Your Brain And Improves Mental Functioning

Playing solitaire and other logic games gets your brain thinking and problem-solving. A game of solitaire is a good brain workout. It allows you to focus entirely on the task at hand and logically sort the cards. Many versions of the game offer different levels of difficulty and are intuitive and easy to grasp and play. At the end of a long hard day or if I’m short of time, I admit I sometimes like to choose the easy levels for a quick win, but it’s good to have the option of picking a harder level if you fancy a challenge. When you place those last few cards in the correct place it’s a brilliant feeling of accomplishment! Winning can perk up your day and put a spring in your step.

The Mental Health Benefits You Gain from Playing a Card Game Once a Day or More

I sometimes use solitaire as a circuit breaker to finish one part of my day such as my working hours and start a different part of my day such as an evening chill time. It helps me to stop overthinking about work and have some downtime. Having a little bit of time as ‘me time’ is vital to help me keep a more balanced life and have the mental reserves I need to do all the other things I need to do day to day. Giving myself this time to play a game of cards or other things I enjoy such as yoga, really helps me to get into the mindset of valuing and looking after myself.

Solitaire can be a quick game and I can find time in the day to play, even if time is short. It is just one small thing, but following my interests is important and something that I want to model for my children. Days made up of lots of little pockets of joy and things that we enjoy doing are certainly the best days to have and something I strive to do.

Conclusion: Playing a Card Game Once a Day or More is Good for You

Life is all about balance and solitaire helps me to do this. It helps me to focus on other things and not all work, work, work. It frees my mind to go on and enjoy the rest of my day.

Whether it is playing a game of solitaire or another card game I challenge you to play at least once a day and see the difference it makes to how you feel. Perhaps with the added caveat that you use a timer and have a break if you are playing for too long on the game (remember balance in all things is the key!).