Biophilic design is all about reconnecting to nature and bringing natural elements into our homes and places of work, such as plants and furniture made of natural materials. It is based upon the idea that reconnecting with nature improves our mental health and well-being.

In modern times we spend much more time indoors and large numbers of us live in urban areas. We don’t get to see or touch nature as our ancestors would have done. Biophilic design reconnects us to nature and can bring a feeling of calm, contentment and happiness.

Seven Simple Steps to Add Biophilic Design to Our Homes

  1. Add plants, use real plants to bring nature into your homes. Think about where you are going to put your plants and how much light is in the room. Consider and special requirements such as whether they need to be child or pet safe and choose your plants accordingly. There are plants to suit all levels of care from easy to hard and there’s something for everyone!
  2. Try and create views out of the window that shows nature. Ideally, we’d all look out onto the countryside but for many that is impossible, so add a window box with plants or a hanging basket. If that’s not an option add an indoor garden with a terrarium or plant some succulents in a container and place them somewhere where they’ll catch your eye.
  3. Maximise natural light by using light coloured wall colours, clean windows and use mirrors on the walls to bounce the light around the room. If it’s a dark room, good use of artificial light can recreate a naturally sunny day feel.
  4. Add natural elements to your decor, such as bamboo plant pots or mirror frames or wooden or rattan furniture.
  5. Use artwork that shows some of the wonderful patterns in nature, such as the close up of a leaf or natural landscapes.
  6. Use colours to add interest from a natural palette, including different shades of green.
  7. Add scents from nature into your home such as pine, using candles, incense or an oil diffuser. Use the power of your sense of smell to transport you to the middle of a forest when you walk into a room.

Did you see any tips that you would like to try? Enjoy the process of trying out natural design in your home and reconnect to nature in the process.

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