Preparing your own food can be a great way to eat healthier and lose weight, but if you don’t enjoy cooking it can be hard to resist the urge to order another takeaway.

If you didn’t grow up with a good cooking role model in the family, then you might think that it’s too late for you to learn. On the other hand, if you’re enthusiastic to cook but don’t know what to do with certain things like asparagus and rice (or beans, or…) then this article is for you!

If you’ve ever wanted to start cooking, now’s the time! You can make it as simple or difficult as you want, but the benefits are well worth the effort.

You work hard and deserve to be happy, cooking is an amazing, fun way to make sure you’re well-fed. These tips can help.

How to Make Healthy Cooking Easier:

Of course, we understand not everyone relishes the idea of working out what ingredients to buy or cooking recipes they find in cookbooks. Thankfully, the good news is there are a number of simple and straightforward ways you can make cooking healthy food at home quicker than ordering a takeaway.

Our Top 6 Tips for Making Healthy Cooking Easier:

1. Get Organised in the Kitchen

It’s not always possible to do an expensive overhaul of your kitchen, but there are affordable ways to make it more practical and efficient. Put your most used items within arm’s reach, install some custom racks to expand storage, and simplify the flow of activities in the kitchen.

2. Check your Equipment

Basic tools can make meal preparation faster and more efficient. Use a sharp knife, a crockpot and a food processor. Whatever you need to do, just make sure it’s within your budget!

3. Stock up on Staples

These are items you can keep in your pantry for later use. Fill your freezer with ingredients that are essential to your kitchen, some examples include olive oil, tomato paste, and flour.

4. Try Batch Cooking

Shorten your cooking time by preparing multiple servings and freeze the leftovers so you can enjoy them later. You can heat them up as needed for a quick dinner.

5. Play Music as you Cook

Music can make any task somewhat easier and more tolerable. Turn on the radio, create a playlist and get cooking!

6. Reduce the Mess

Keep your kitchen clean by using parchment paper and spoon rests. Clean as you go if possible or put dirty dishes straight into the dishwasher.

How to Make Healthy Cooking More Sociable:

Food tastes even better when you share it with a group of people. Invite your loved ones over and spend some quality time together.

Our Top 7 Tips for Keeping Healthy Cooking Sociable:

1. Why Not Take a Cooking Class?

Have a check at your local cooking school. If you’re looking to learn more about the basics, then Udemy is an amazing resource with great videos and lessons. BBC Food also provides free and easy recipes for effortless dinners that are ready in 15 minutes!

2. Teach Your Kids How to Cook

This will pay off in the long run. It will create good habits that will last a lifetime.

3. Post Your Cooking Creations Online

Share the progress you are making with cooking. Show the world the best dishes you made. You deserve to be proud of your achievements.

4. Write a Cookbook With all of Your Favourite Recipes

Add pictures and happy memories to make it even more personal.

5. Make Your Own Confectionary Gifts

Homemade food and baked goods are thoughtful and affordable presents for any occasion. For instance, bake a cake for someone’s birthday, or make bags of chocolate-covered almonds to hand out at a wedding.

6. Throw a Party

Entertain your guests with your own culinary delights. Depending on your skills, you can arrange a taco night or take your turn hosting a Sunday dinner.

7. Prioritise Having Meals with Your Loved Ones

As often as you can prioritise having your meals together with your family. It’s important to spend quality time together and build a strong family bond. If it’s difficult to find time for dinner, gather for breakfast or lunch.

With the right know-how and creativity, you can create a wide variety of delicious and healthy home-cooked dishes. Healthy meals not only boost your health, but they will also save you some money and provide opportunities to spend quality time with friends or family members.