Is it Better to Extend or Move House?

Over the past two years, two things have made us question the longevity of staying in our well-loved current home. Firstly the birth of our third child and secondly lockdowns and the working from home guidance. We are lucky enough to live in a three-bedroom detached house on a family-friendly estate, close to our family, … [Read more…]

Win a £50 Amazon Gift Card

Now we’re into August, it’s time for a fantastic giveaway. Would you like to win a £50 Amazon gift card for yourself or someone special? The gift card gives you the choice of such a wide range of products. It’s perfect for topping up on those essentials to make the most of the last few … [Read more…]

Our Top 5 Family Days Out in Northumberland

The county of Northumberland is home to many historical and picturesque sites. We are lucky enough to live in this amazing place, a short drive to the bustling city of Newcastle and a stones throw from the beach, countryside and woodland. We get to enjoy castles, countryside, the seaside, hills and wildlife within our county. … [Read more…]

5 Hacks to Reduce Your Food Waste

Why is reducing our food waste important? Food waste from our homes costs us money and the environment, through an increase in methane gas and the waste of energy and resources from the production and distribution of food. We can make small changes in our lives to help us save money and do our bit … [Read more…]

Rainy Day Children’s Activities

When the rain strikes, having some activities on hand can be a lifesaver to bring joy to our little ones on those grey days. Knowing that you have several ideas and resources to fall back on, is a comforting thought and it can let you and your children pick and choose according to your interests … [Read more…]

Bringing Nature into our Homes

Biophilic design is all about reconnecting to nature and bringing natural elements into our homes and places of work, such as plants and furniture made of natural materials. It is based upon the idea that reconnecting with nature improves our mental health and well-being. In modern times we spend much more time indoors and large … [Read more…]