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FREE Plastic Fairy Door - Select For Shipping Within Ireland
If You have bought a 'Fairy Sticker Set' Please select either a
FREE Plastic Fairy Door - Select For Shipping World Wide
If You have bought a 'Fairy Sticker Set' Please select either a

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Every Home Should Have A Fairy Or Two Or Three, Now You Can and For FREE*

Bring A Little Fairy Magic Into Your Home Today.

Imagine a land where dewdrops and raindrops twinkle in the light,

A whimsical world filled with wonder, magic, awe and delight.

Where the sky's are bursting with glistening glimmering shimmering light, as hundreds upon thousands of Fairy's take flight.

Where a wish willfully whispered is sure to come true, This land that I speak of is closer then you think!

The teeniest of entrances , behind it a Fairy nook,

Over yonder is Fairyland, Will your Fairy let you take a look?©

Position this magic Fairy door upon any wall in your house.

Positioning the door on a shelf or above a skirting board would be a perfect spot.

Only Fairy Folk can open this magical door to Fairyland.

This magical door also makes the Tooth Fairies job a little easier, as her tiny hands are always filled with shiny coins and tiny teeth. She can easily flit through this enchanted little entrance and set about her business of collecting lost teeth!

Fairies are a little shy shall we say so you’ll rarely see them in the light of the day,☀

Why not write them a letter? ✉Introduce yourself and welcome your new Fairy Friend into your home. You never know they might write back!

Door Size approx. 9"h x 5"w x 1" deep

(*+ P&P [E6.99IRE/E8.99WorldWide], 'Fairy Sticker Set' & 'Fairy Welcome Pack' as shown in main image above are not free, they are additional extras)

Once the door is installed it will not open. Only the fairies can open it with a sprinkling of Fairy magic.

FREE* Regulation Dept. Of Fairy Housing White Plastic Fairy Door includes:

1 x White Plastic Fairy Door.

1 x Crystal Door Handle sticker.

1 x Door Knocker sticker

Additional Extras:

'Fairy Sticker Set' - E12.99

1 x Set of self adhesive Fairy Door Decal Stickers

Approx size when in place:

Choice of 2 designs either 'Fairy Toadstools Sticker Set' or 'Fairy Garden Sticker Set'.

'Fairy Welcome Pack' - E4.99

1 x 'Fairy Mail' from Fairy Petunia Primrose, Head Of The Dept. Of Fairy Housing thanking you for giving a Fairy a home.

1 x Fairy Sized key.

A Pinch of Magic Fairy Dust.

Self Adhesive Putty to affix your enchanted Fairy Door to the wall.

FREE* Wooden Fairy Door Special Offer: Wooden Fairy Door is only FREE if purchased with a 'Fairy Sticker Set'

FREE* wooden Fairy Door includes:

1 x Ornate Wooden Fairy Door painted either Pink or Red.

1 x Crystal Door Handle sticker.

1 x Door Knocker sticker

A Limit of 1 x FREE Fairy Door per transaction

Warning: Choking hazard not suitable for children under 3yrs

(Subject To Availability &/Or While Stock Lasts)


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